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Mie - Dial Code : 23 - List of Phone Codes by District and City :
Age District, Mie - 059
Ayama District, Mie - 0595
Hisai, Mie - 059
Ichishi District, Mie - 059
Ichishi District, Mie - 0598
Ichishi District, Mie - 05984
Ichishi District, Mie - 059856
Iinan District, Mie - 059832
Iinan District, Mie - 05984
Inabe District, Mie - 0594
Ise, Mie - 0596
Ise, Mie - 0599
Kameyama, Mie - 05958
Kitamuro District, Mie - 05973
Kitamuro District, Mie - 05974
Kumano, Mie - 05978
Kuwana District, Mie - 0567
Kuwana District, Mie - 0594
Kuwana, Mie - 0594
Matsusaka, Mie - 0598
Mie District, Mie - 0593
Minamimuro District, Mie - 05979
Minamimuro District, Mie - 0735
Minamimuro District, Mie - 07354
Nabari, Mie - 0595
Naga District, Mie - 0595
Owase, Mie - 05972
Shima District, Mie - 05994
Shima District, Mie - 05995
Shima District, Mie - 05997
Shima District, Mie - 05998
Suzuka District, Mie - 05959
Suzuka, Mie - 0593
Taki District, Mie - 0596
Taki District, Mie - 05983
Taki District, Mie - 059849
Taki District, Mie - 05987
Taki District, Mie - 05988
Toba, Mie - 0599
Toba, Mie - 05995
Tsu, Mie - 059
Ueno, Mie - 0595
Watarai District, Mie - 05987
Watarai District, Mie - 059872
Watarai District, Mie - 05988
Watarai District, Mie - 05996
Yokkaichi, Mie - 0593 

Covid in Mie

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Phones in Mie : Yokkaichi-shi, Watarai-gun, Tsu-shi, Toba-shi, Suzuka-shi, Shima-shi, Owase Shi, Nabari-shi, Mie-gun, Matsuzaka-shi, Kuwana-shi, Kuwana-gun, Kumano-shi, Kitamuro-gun, Ise-shi, Iga-shi, Inabe-gun, Minamimuro-gun, Taki-gun, Inabe-shi, Kameyama Shi,
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