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Saitama - Dial Code : 35 - List of Phone Codes by District and City :
Ageo, Saitama - 048
Asaka, Saitama - 048
Chichibu District, Saitama - 0274
Chichibu District, Saitama - 0493
Chichibu District, Saitama - 0494
Chichibu, Saitama - 0494
Fujimi, Saitama - 048
Fujimi, Saitama - 0492
Fukaya, Saitama - 0485
Gyōda, Saitama - 0485
Hannō, Saitama - 0429
Hanyū, Saitama - 0485
Hasuda, Saitama - 048
Hatogaya, Saitama - 048
Hidaka, Saitama - 0429
Higashimatsuyama, Saitama - 0493
Hiki District, Saitama - 0492
Hiki District, Saitama - 0493
Honjō, Saitama - 0495
Iruma District, Saitama - 0429
Iruma District, Saitama - 0492
Iruma, Saitama - 0429
Iwatsuki, Saitama - 048
Kamifukuoka, Saitama - 0492
Kasukabe, Saitama - 048
Kawagoe, Saitama - 048
Kawagoe, Saitama - 0492
Kawaguchi, Saitama - 048
Kazo, Saitama - 0480
Kitaadachi District, Saitama - 048
Kitaadachi District, Saitama - 0485
Kitakatsushika District, Saitama - 048
Kitakatsushika District, Saitama - 0480
Kitakatsushika District, Saitama - 0489
Kitamoto, Saitama - 0485
Kitasaitama District, Saitama - 0280
Kitasaitama District, Saitama - 0480
Kitasaitama District, Saitama - 0485
Kodama District, Saitama - 0274
Kodama District, Saitama - 0495
Konosu, Saitama - 0485
Koshigaya, Saitama - 0489
Kuki, Saitama - 0480
Kumagaya, Saitama - 0485
Minamisaitama District, Saitama - 0480
Misato, Saitama - 0489
Niiza, Saitama - 0424
Niiza, Saitama - 048
Omiya, Saitama - 048
Ōsato District, Saitama - 0276
Ōsato District, Saitama - 0485
Ōsato, Saitama - 0493
Okegawa, Saitama - 048
Sakado, Saitama - 0492
Satte, Saitama - 0480
Sayama, Saitama - 0429
Shiki, Saitama - 048
Sōka, Saitama - 0489
Toda, Saitama - 048
Tokorozawa, Saitama - 0429
Tsurugashima, Saitama - 0492
Urawa, Saitama - 048
Wakō, Saitama - 048
Warabi, Saitama - 048
Yashio, Saitama - 0489
Yono, Saitama - 048
Yoshikawa, Saitama - 0489 

Covid in Saitama

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Phones in Saitama : Konosu-Shi, Yashio-shi, Warabi-shi, Wako-shi, Saitama-shi, Tsurugashima-shi, Tokorozawa-shi, Toda-shi, Shiraoka-shi, Sayama-shi, Sakado-shi, Okegawa-shi, Niiza-shi, Misato Shi, Minamisaitama Gun, Koshigaya Shi, Kitakatsushika Gun, Kitaadachi-gun, Kazo-shi, Kawaguchi-shi, Kawagoe-shi, Iruma-shi, Iruma-gun, Honjo Shi, Hiki-gun, Higashimatsuyama Shi, Hasuda-shi, Hanno-shi, Gyoda Shi, Fukaya-shi, Fujimi-shi, Chichibu-gun, Asaka-shi, Kodama-gun, Osato-gun, Chichibu-shi, Hanyu-shi, Soka Shi, Kuki-shi, Kitamoto Shi, Satte Shi, Yoshikawa Shi, Fujimino Shi, Kumagaya Shi, Kasukabe Shi, Ageo Shi, Shiki Shi, Hidaka-shi,
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