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Japan Phone Numbers - 日本の電話番号">日本語
Dialing prefixes
0 National area code prefix
00 Carrier selection prefix
010 International call prefix 184 Prefix to withhold caller ID 186 Prefix to provide caller ID
Types of numbers
1xx Special numbers
00xx Carrier selection codes
0x 1-digit geographic area codes
0xx 2-digit geographic area codes
0xxx 3-digit geographic area codes
0xxxx 4-digit geographic area codes
0xxxxx 5-digit geographic area codes
0x0 2-digit non-Geographic area codes (excluding 010)
0xx0 3-digit non-Geographic area codes (01x0, 0570, 0800, 0910, 0990)

Note that, for international calls to Japan, the first "0" digit should not be used. So, for example, to call 090 1111 1111 from the United States, 011-81-90-1111-1111 should be used. To call from Europe use 00-81-90-1111-1111.

Length of numbers
Special numbers are 3 digits long
Geographic numbers are 10 digits long, including the leading zero
0x0 Non-geographic numbers are 11 digits long, including the leading zero
0xx0 Non-geographic numbers are 10 digits long, including the leading zero
Emergency services
110 Police
118 Maritime emergencies
119 Ambulance, Fire brigade
171 Earthquake assistance
Operator services
100 NTT operator
106 Operator assisted collect call service
108 Automated collect call service
113 NTT technical faults hotline
116 NTT customer service and general enquiries
Directory services
104 NTT national directory enquiries
0057 KDDI international directory enquiries
Special services
114 Automated number-busy check
115 Telegram service
117 Speaking clock
136 Information on last incoming call
177 Weather forecast
Long distance carrier selection (Myline) - With the exception of 001, all carrier selection codes are four digits long. They are dialed before the phone number to select a specific carrier.
001 KDDI (international)
0033 NTT Communications
0036 NTT East
0037 Fusion Communications
0039 NTT West
0041 SoftBank Telecom (international / former Japan Telecom)
0056 KDDI (international)
0061 SoftBank Telecom (international / former Cable and Wireless IDC)
0071 Verizon Japan
0077 KDDI (national)
0080 T-Systems
0081 Fusion Communications (former TTNet)
0088 SoftBank Telecom (national / former Japan Telecom)
0089 T-Systems
Non-geographic area codes
0120 NTT Freedial, tollfree services
0130 Automated information services
0140 Disaster relief wireless communications
0160 Disaster relief satellite communications
0170 NTT Dengon Dial, chat line services
0180 NTT Telegong, TV/Radio show feedback dial-in
0180 NTT Teledome, automated information services
0190 NTT Angel Line, automated directory services via PC/modem
0190 NTT Annai Jozu, automated directory services via telephone
0800 Other tollfree services
020 Paging services
030 Mobile telephony services (legacy systems, PDC, J-CDMA, UMTS)
040 Mobile telephony services (legacy systems, PDC, J-CDMA, UMTS)
050 IP telephony service (via internet service providers)
0570 Navi Dial, non-geographic wireline
060 Universal personal number services
070 Mobile telephony and data services (PHS)
080 Mobile telephony and data services (PDC, J-CDMA, UMTS)
090 Mobile telephony and data services (PDC, J-CDMA, UMTS)
0910 Private circuit access, local rate services
0990 NTT DialQ2, premium rate services
Decommissioned area codes
0150 formerly used for maritime wireless communications
0450 formerly used for maritime wireless communications
0750 formerly used for maritime wireless communications
Area codes (市外局番 "shigai-kyokuban") of major cities
011 Sapporo
0138 Hakodate
0166 Asahikawa
017 (next digit 7) Aomori
018 (next digit 8) Akita
019 (next digit 6) Morioka
022 Sendai
023 (next digit 6) Yamagata
024 (next digit 5) Fukushima
024 (next digit 9) Kōriyama
025 Niigata
026 Nagano
027 (next digit 2) Maebashi
027 (next digit 3) Takasaki
028 (next digit 6) Utsunomiya
03 Tokyo
04 (next digit 2) Tokorozawa
04 (next digit 7) Kashiwa
042 (next digit 6) Hachiōji
042 (next digit 7) Machida, Sagamihara
043 (next digit 2 or 3) Chiba
044 Kawasaki
045 Yokohama
046 (next digit 6) Fujisawa
046 (next digit 8) Yokosuka
047 (next digit 3) Ichikawa, Matsudo
047 (next digit 4 (3 for west part of the city)) Funabashi
048 (next digit 2) Kawaguchi
048 (next digit 6 or 7 or 8) Saitama
049 Kawagoe
052 Nagoya
053 Hamamatsu
0532 Toyohashi
054 Shizuoka
055 Kofu
0564 Okazaki
0565 Toyota
0568 Kasugai
058 Gifu
0586 Ichinomiya
059 (next digit 2) Tsu
059 (next digit 2) Yokkaichi
06 Osaka, Higashiōsaka, Suita, Toyonaka, Amagasaki
072 (next digit 2) Sakai
072 (next digit 6) Takatsuki
072 (next digit 8) Hirakata
073 Wakayama
0742 Nara
075 Kyoto
076 (next digit 2) Kanazawa
076 (next digit 4) Toyama
077 (next digit 5) Ōtsu
0776 Fukui
078 Kobe
079 (next digit 2)Himeji
0798 Nishinomiya
082 Hiroshima
083 (next digit 2) Shimonoseki
083 (next digit 9) Yamaguchi
084 Fukuyama
0852 Matsue
086 (next digit 2 to 9) Okayama
086 (next digit 4 or 5) Kurashiki
087 (next digit 8) Takamatsu
088 (next digit 6) Tokushima
088 (next digit 8) Kochi
089 (next digit 9) Matsuyama
092 Fukuoka
093 Kitakyushu
0942 Kurume
095 (next digit 8) Nagasaki
0952 Saga
0956 Sasebo
096 Kumamoto
097 Ōita
098 Naha
0985 Miyazaki
099 Kagoshima
Geographic numbers are 10 digits long including the leading 0 and the area code. Consequently, densely populated areas have shorter area codes, while less populated areas have longer area codes. For example:
06 xxxx xxxx (Osaka)
075 xxx xxxx (Kyoto)
0742 xx xxxx (Nara)
04992 x xxxx (Niijima island, Tokyo pref.)
082486 xxxx (Takano, Hiroshima pref.)
Area codes increase from north to south; Sapporo in Hokkaidō (the northernmost prefecture) has 011 , and Setouchi's 09973 is far to the south in Kagoshima. When the telephone system was devised, Okinawa was still under U.S. occupation, so when it was returned to Japan in 1972, its telephone numbers were squeezed between Miyazaki (098x) and Kagoshima (099x) and begin with 0988, 0989, and 0980.

During the 1990s, when plans were being drawn up to amalgamate mid-sized cities and towns into larger municipalities, telephone numbering systems were merged in advance. For example,

07442 x xxxx Kashihara (Nara prefecture) - became: 0744 2x xxxx Kashihara
07444 x xxxx Sakurai - became: 0744 4x xxxx Sakurai
074452 xxxx Takatori - became: 0744 52 xxxx Takatori
074454 xxxx Asuka etc. - became: 0744 54 xxxx Asuka etc.
Many of these towns have in fact refused to merge, leaving callers with more digits to dial when making local calls. This is partially balanced by not having to dial an area code for the neighboring city.
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List of dialing codes in Japan
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See also +81 (Deerhoof) Code
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